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CQC Rated Our Service as Good!

Report was published 7 December 2021

This inspection took place on 25 November 2021 and our service has received an overall "good" rating.

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When you are finding any part of your life troublesome and you need assistance to have the quality of life that you deserve, then we can assist you to remain in control of your life by giving you some security.


We offer genuine caring people who will give you a standard of care and support that can really make a difference to your life.  You may be recovering from an operation or illness, or if you are a couple one of you may be struggling to care for the other.  You may just be finding it hard to manage and need a little help.


Whether you require short or long term help, or just want to call us as and when you need help, we can tailor your needs to suit you.


We will visit you to discuss what you require, under no obligation and plan a way forward that suits your requirements.


Sue Davison, Director

“ As an experienced care worker on the island for many years I setup this company to provide services at the standard that I would be willing to receive. ”


Yvonne Davison, Director

“ Giving back to a community that I love, The island is filled with amazing people like my colleagues at Say Care ”


Mandie Davison, Admin

"If you get in contact with SAYCARE I'm more than likely the person you will speak with as I man the office. I look forward to working with you.