Pre-Hospital Care

Repairing for a hospital stay can take a lot of planning, from getting yourself packed and ready to finding sitters for pets and maintenance of your house and gardens. Its often an afterthought leading up to an important medical procedure and can catch you off guard. In these circumstances we at SAYCARE can put all your worries at ease.

Going into hospital for any period of time can leave voids of cover in your obligations in life, be that to family members, pets or even your garden plants. That is why SAYCARE offers an array of solutions to cover you in your hour of need. We can house sit, find pet sitters or arrange transport. Its important to us that what is important to you is taken care of while your being taken care for, so when you return to your life its as if you never left.

Its also important to prepare yourself too, be that help with any specific dietary requirements pre-op or getting your overnight bag sorted for you. Our staff are here to assist, advise on what you may or may not need and make sure your time away is as stress free as possible so you can focus on getting over your stay and on the road back to recovery.

Service Highlights

Getting you Ready

Getting your bags packed, hair and clothes sorted and you ready to go.

Dietary and
Medical Needs

Some procedures and operations require specific dietary requirements that we can assist you with.

Pets and Home

We take care of it so you don't need to worry while your away.

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