Post-Hospital Care

After a stay in hospital, often patients require a period of time to recover both mentally and physically. We at SAYCARE provide short and long term care for people that have recently left hospital and require assistance at home.

After an operation or stay in hospital due to illness, getting back into the routine at home may be challenging. While there is no place like home, recovering from surgery or illness may leave you or your loved one unable to function at 100%. For these situations SAYCARE is here to offer a helping hand.

From full care packages, cooking and cleaning to simply just being there for companionship our staff offer a flexible array of skills and services that can be tailor suited to your exact needs. From helping with the shopping and picking up prescriptions to bed baths and bed lifts, nothing is to big or small for us to tackle head on and keep you living independently at home.

Service Highlights

and Cleaning

All the basic household chores can be covered by SAYCARE

Prescriptions and Medication

Our care plans include medication and prescriptions

Care and Attention

We care, if we feel your doing something that could harm your recovery we will let you know. Its what friends do.

Service Gallery

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