Hospital Transport

Be it arranging transportation or providing it ourselves, SAYCARE is here to make sure your care runs on time and in a calm and collected manner allowing you to focus on the matter at hand.

Anyone who has been without a means of transport this day and age can attest to the importance of being able to travel unimpeded. Losing the freedom that comes with being able to drive (due to medical or medicated reasons) will often make people feel isolated and unable to function. We at SAYCARE understand that when important appointments arise to have the uncertainty of transport taken care of is a massive weight lifted off patients that should be spending their metal efforts preparing for more important things. Our aim is to enable clients to continue the standard of living they have always been accustomed to and allow for independent living in a respectful manner.

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Planning and

From start to finish, know where and when you need to be.

Feel at Ease

Keep calm and carry on thanks to SAYCARE.

St. Mary's Hospital

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