Medical Required Assistance

Various medical conditions can restrict mobility and prevent certain activities leaving us to rely on medical equipment and services such as wheelchairs, crutches, stair lifts and care staff. SAYCARE has the experience and expertise not only provide but guide you through your available options.

Going through an accident or procedure that restricts you in some capacity can leave you feeling robbed of your natural born freedoms. At best these can be a hindrance, at worse can see you or your loved one restricted to minor functions. However we at SAYCARE believe in safeguarding our clients independent living and do all that is within our power to maintain it. Providing fully tailor made care packages to suit our clients every needs.

We have wheelchair assisted vehicles and can assist in making living spaces wheelchair accessible. Provide assistance in obtaining safety equipment and services such as bed and stair lifts. We strive to make sure each individual need of our clients are met and to a high standard we would want to receive ourselves.

Service Highlights


Our staff are well versed in all kinds of care and equipment


We treat our clients as valued friends


Our staff have years of experience in care

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