Screw loose? Door handle keeps coming off? Tired of that door sticking? SAYCARE are handy in a pinch and can get that fixed for you.

We all have the odd jobs around the house that we really should get sorted. That missing tile, the loose door handle, that cable nest that pokes out from behind the TV. When our capability is diminished due to a condition or age getting around to getting these tasks can be daunting, even start building up. We at SAYCARE are here to help, capable of doing minor property maintenance and fixes for you.

These small minor tasks may often be a nuisance but can potentially become a real risk to health and wellbeing, its important to maintain a safe environment, especially in the living space of people more at risk, our company goal is to provide the means for people to live independently so we do all we can to make sure people are living safely and securely in their own home for as long as possible.

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